Casper Westhausen is a Danish Media Artist and Creative Coder. He is currently a part of the Cologne based creative agency Elastique. Here he develops large-scale media productions and interactive experiences in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team. His work was previously presented at Vorspiel (Berlin 2022), Repulica (Berlin 2022), and Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg 2023). Westhausen studied Electronic Music and Composition at Ryslinge Folk High School in 2010. Later he studied Song writing and Music Production at Akademiet in Copenhagen, and in 2020, he completed a bachelor in Sonic and Media Communication at Sonic College, Haderslev. During this time, he did an exchange student semester in Communication Design at BTK in Berlin. And in 2022 he completed an M.A. in Computing and the Arts at the Berlin School of Popular Arts.