Interactive Installation (2021)

Tech: GPT-3, Python, TouchDesigner, Processing, Rasberry Pi, Kinect
Field: AI, NLP, Interactive Media, Poetry

a.l.p.h.a is an interactive installation in which an A.I. generates poems based on the visitor’s appearance. This is done using computer vision and machine learning algorithms such as pose, object, and gender recognition.

To engage with the system the visitors are encouraged to step into a.l.p.h.a’s field of vision. To further influence the generated text the visitors can choose an item from a collection of objects. This data is then sent to the natural language model GPT-3 to generate the personalized poem and is subsequently printed for the visitors to take home.

Read selected poems from re:publica 22 here︎

2022 .txt, Glashaus, Berlin
2022 re:publica, Arena, Berlin
2022 Vorspiel, Silent Green, Berlin
2021 Transduction, The Aquarium, Berlin

Casper Westhausen
Julian Moreno
Jeffrey Van Der Geest

re:publica, Arena
Photos: re:publica + Casper Westhausen
Photos: re:publica + Casper Westhausen
Vorspiel, Silent Green
Photos: Udo Siegfriedt + Stefanie Kulisch
Transduction, The Aquarium